Download Files

[   ]SHASUMS309  
[   ]acm700x-4.7.0.flash 18MFirmware image
[   ]acm7004-5-4.7.0.flash 18MFirmware image
[   ]cm71xx-4.7.0.flash 15MFirmware image
[   ]cm7196-4.7.0.flash 16MFirmware image
[   ]im72xx-4.7.0.flash 18MFirmware image

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
Release version 4.7.0 (Jan 2020)
 - Add DHCPv4 relay agent support
 - Add initial root password change to comply with Californian laws
 - Add IPv6 support to FTP client and FTP server
 - Add support for configuring firewall log rate limiting
 - Add support for Panduit G5 series PDU
 - Add support for reporting CPU temperature (IM72xx)
 - Add support for SNMP lm-sensors MIB: CPU and PCB temperatures
 - Add support for static IPv6 routes
 - Fix access to unauthorized serial ports via pmshell escape
 - Fix a SIM select issue (ACM700x-L)
 - Fix carrier auto-select (ACM700x-L)
 - Fix CLI tool support for large files (>4GB)
 - Fix IPv6 TAHI compliance issues
 - Fix IRQ boot loop issue (IM72xx)
 - Fix lost option for management LAN as failover interface
 - Fix misleading error bootargs message (IM72xx)
 - Fix missing usb group boot warnings 
 - Fix OpenSSH CVE-2018-15473 CVE-2018-20685 CVE-2019-6109 CVE-2019-6110 CVE-2019-6111
 - Fix port log file size inconsistency
 - Fix switch port reset/initialisation (IM7216-24E)
 - Fix switch ports not attempting lower link speeds (ACM7004-5)
 - Fix unnecessary RADIUS warning messages when accounting is disabled
 - Fix XSS vulnerability in API error handler
 - Improve firewall reconfiguration performance
 - Improve flash memory access performance during boot
 - Improve global IPv6 UI control
 - Improve image size by removing unnecessary development files
 - Upgrade DHCP server to ISC-DHCP 4.1