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[   ]MD5SUMS376  
[   ]SHASUMS432  
[   ]acm550x-4.1.1.flash 13MFirmware image
[   ]acm700x-4.1.1.flash 17MFirmware image
[   ]acm7004-5-4.1.1.flash 17MFirmware image
[   ]cm71xx-4.1.1.flash 14MFirmware image
[   ]cm7196-4.1.1.flash 17MFirmware image
[   ]im42xx-4.1.1.flash 13MFirmware image
[   ]im72xx-4.1.1.flash 15MFirmware image

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
Release version 4.1.1 (December 2017)
 (Please refer to Known Issues for this release)
 (PLEASE NOTE: This release does not include the IPv6 cellular changes from 4.0.1b0)
 - Add support for anonymous binds for LDAP public key SSH retrieval
 - Add SIM slot auto-detection on dual-sim devices
 - Add MTU settings for ethernet devices
 - Add support for per-interface IPv6 default routes
 - Add support hostname information to REST API
 - Add support for APC AP8959 PDU new firmware
 - Add support for APC 7900 PDU new firmware
 - Add ZTP diagnostics
 - Add support for Lighthouse 5.1.1 script templates
 - Fix Wi-Fi KRACK vulnerability
 - Fix bond and bridge link-down handling
 - Fix management LAN configuration (ACM5504-5)
 - Fix LDAP trusted certificate use
 - Fix nrpe user permissions for environmental data
 - Fix spurious 'no swap space' SNMP trap
 - Fix ports permission issue for 'users' group
 - Fix port forwarding routing issue
 - Fix session timeout changes not being applied
 - Fix firewall block breaking console login
 - Fix argument limit with node-command
 - Fix primary port used for SSH and telnet for serial port aliases
 - Improve OpenVPN protocols used with Lighthouse 5, reduce sync traffic 
 - Improve per-interface route management
 - Improve error message from power control utilities
 - Upgrade dnsmasq to 2.78