Download Files

[   ]SHASUMS624  
[   ]acm500x-4.0.0u1.flash 13MFirmware image
[   ]acm550x-4.0.0u1.flash 14MFirmware image
[   ]acm700x-4.0.0u1.flash 17MFirmware image
[   ]acm7004-5-4.0.0u1.flash 17MFirmware image
[   ]cm71xx-4.0.0u1.flash 14MFirmware image
[   ]cm7196-4.0.0u1.flash 17MFirmware image
[   ]im42xx-4.0.0u1.flash 13MFirmware image
[   ]im72xx-4.0.0u1.flash 15MFirmware image

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
Release version 4.0.0u1 (July 2017)
 - Add support for USB port power control from CLI 
 - Fix Cisco USB console speed change issue
 - Fix network interface reset issue during reconfiguration
 - Fix IP passthrough padding issue with older Cisco devices
 - Fix multi-homed routing issue when NAT forwarding is in use
 - Improvements to CP210x USB serial driver