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[   ]SHASUMS376  
[   ]acm500x-3.16.5.flash 13MFirmware image
[   ]acm550x-3.16.5.flash 13MFirmware image
[   ]acm700x-3.16.5.flash 17MFirmware image
[   ]acm7004-5-3.16.5.flash 17MFirmware image
[   ]cm71xx-3.16.5.flash 14MFirmware image
[   ]im72xx-3.16.5.flash 15MFirmware image

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
Release version 3.16.5 (July 12 2016) (Console Servers)
 - PLEASE NOTE: As of console server firmware 3.16.5 for acm700x, acm7004-5, cm71xx and
   im72xx, each USB console port is allocated a fixed port number following the RS-232
   serial ports. This replaces the previous behaviour of dynamically allocating port
   numbers to USB consoles, as they were attached. This may affect existing cascading,
   NMEA and USB console configurations, which may need to be reconfigured after upgrading
   to use the new port numbering scheme.
 - Add USB console support
 - (ACM700x, ACM7004-5, CM71xx, IM72xx, CM7196A only) Add support for LLDP
 - Add IE11/Edge support for WebShell
 - Add warning to UI about port logging capturing passwords
 - Add ability to set APN on Verizon cellular devices
 - Add support for Liebert Network Attached PDUs
 - Improve cellular stability
 - Fix validation of user-supplied SSL certificates
 - Fix interface for editing multiple serial ports
 - Fix garbage characters when editing XML config
 - Fix erroneous temperature readings on internal temperature sensor (ACM550x)
 - Fix problem with IP Passthrough service intercepts with default gateway configured
 - Fix portmanager errors to be more descriptive
 - Fix rare firmware upgrade failure happening under certain conditions
 - Fix resubmit dialog loop on Microsoft Edge
 - Fix environmental status information in SNMP when no values available
 - Fix issue with losing dial connection settings after carrier change
 - Fix issue with cellular APNs that require username and password
 - Fix modem watchdog interaction with dual sim failover and autoresponse
 - Fix possible race condition during SIM select
 - Fix UI ethernet media selection to add gigabit option
 - Fix cellular firmware update sometimes deleting firmware files
 - Fix issue with connection manager not terminating some 'start' commands properly
 - Fix SIM unlocking in UI
 - Fixed issue where inaccessible ports were visible to unprivileged users on Port Logs page
 - Fix setting cellular authentication method
 - Fix SNMPv3 username not allowing hyphen or underscore characters
 - Fix spurious SNMP syslog message
 - Fix issue persisting Radio Access Technology setting from UI
 - Fix issue with changing carrier to currently selected carrier
 - Fix issue polling CDMA modem stats while modem is resetting
 - Fix error when connecting on 2G cellular network
 - Fix issue with ethernet speed negotiation on CM71xx
 - Fix issue starting NTP with DHCP network interface and NTP server by IP
 - Fix issue using unauth SSH direct to serial port 30
 - Fix issue with external USB v92 modems not appearing in UI
 - Fix issue with network dashboard widget information for bridged/bonded connections
 - Fix issue with ethernet link when forced to 10Mbps (CM71xx)
 - Fix issue with on-device ssh client remote host key verification for non-root users
 - Fix output of command line 'pmstats' command
 - Fix issue running 'setfset' and 'showserial' commands as non-root admin user
 - Fix issue with traffic counter accuracy on outgoing traffic for cell modems
 - Fix issue with reliability of cell modem enumeration after modem reset
 - Fix issue where changing SNMP community string would not automatically restart SNMP service
 - Fix spurious error when running support report generator on devices without modem