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Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
Release version 3.16.0 (21 July 2015) (ACM700x)
 - Add support for the ACM700x products
 - Add IPv6 support to the LDAP client
 - Add IPv6 support to the RADIUS client
 - Add additional support for editing APN where allowed
 - Add support to ftpd to no longer need /bin/ls inside the server directory
 - Fix bug where local backups with the same name as an existing backup silently failed
 - Fix issue with IP aliases not reliably starting
 - Fix utmp filling up tmp and preventing web login
 - Fix LTE not connecting when APN is correctly left empty
 - Fix issues with sending large SMS messages
 - Fix spurious log messages when sending SMS messages
 - Fix CDMA SMS sending sometimes causing cellmodem error log messages
 - Fix spurious log message "invalid conn "ippassthrough""
 - Fix pmshell crash when changing between ports with RPC connections
 - Fix issue with repeated pings failing with "No buffer space available"
 - Fix rare network related crash on CM71xx and ACM700x products
 - Fix spurious cellctl error log messages when cell modem is disabled
 - Fix repeated "syslogd: started" messages on boot when using remote syslog