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[DIR]nagios/ - Nagios plugins
[DIR]nut/ - UPS drivers
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[   ]acm500x-3.10.1.flash 11MFirmware image
[   ]acm550x-3.10.1.flash 11MFirmware image
[   ]cm41xx-3.10.1.flash7.3MFirmware image
[   ]im42xx-3.10.1.flash 11MFirmware image
[   ]im72xx-3.10.1.flash 12MFirmware image

Release Notes

Before upgrading, we recommend reviewing the Release Notes in full.
Notes for this specific release are below.
Release version 3.10.1 (April 7 2014) (Console Servers & (V)CMS)
- PLEASE NOTE: As of console server firmware 3.10.0, we have replaced the
  majority of the onboard networking scripts with a single, dependency-based
  connection management daemon called 'conman'. If you have set up custom
  networking scripts, they are highly likely to be INCOMPATIBLE and NOT WORK in
  firmware versions 3.10.0 and higher. It is recommended that upgrades be
  performed in a test environment before being rolled out to production sites.
- Fix Wi-fi WEP passwords being unintentionally changed by the UI
- Fix smsd restarting too much when failing over between SIM cards
- Fix smsd not being able to be disabled
- Fix CDMA modem failover
- Fix IP Addresses not being masqueraded correctly on Verizon LTE connections
- Fix RPCD locking issue
- Fix Pantech UML290 repeatedly receiving the latest SMS
- Fix Servertech PDU Multibank UI Issues
- Fix dialout modem Interface Actions
- Fix Raritan PX2 definition error
- Fix LTE connection stability issues
- Fix Interface Event Ethernet support
- Fix Auto-Response ping check interface selection
- Fix dormant failover settings for non-conman devices
- Fix RPCD CPU Utilisation